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Dear Language Teachers,

We invite you to share your moments of positive wellbeing in the form of pictures, motivational quotes, and short stories on our Language Teacher Wellbeing Wall.


By sharing your insights of what you find positive and enjoy about your life as a language teacher, you can support and inspire other language teachers around the world. We are proud to be a part of the language teaching community. 


If you wish to share any content, please send it to: soc.psy.cap.flt@gmail.com 

Please make sure that whatever you share is relevant to the topic of language teacher wellbeing and that you have ownership of the content. 

Be well

Teach well 

Learn well

"Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." 

Marcel Proust 

This picture is shared by our FWF team, Sarah, Jun, Astrid, and Sonja. 

Heading 1

"After a long day in school, I like to recharge by the lake. It gives me back so much energy."

Astrid, English language teacher from Austria

"'Knowing you made a difference to a student and their learning.'

This is a thank you card from a former student of mine!"

Sarah, English language teacher and teacher educator from Austria 

"What makes me feel great about being a teacher is seeing my students succeed. To see their joy and excitement when they get back their exams and realize that their hard work and dedication have paid off."

Johanna, English language teacher from Austria.

"Being on my own, listening to the sounds of nature and knowing there is no other place I have to be right now - this lets me wind down and recharge my batteries for the next day of school."

Helene, English and Spanish language teacher from Austria.

"Teaching is like a summit hike that broadens our horizons."

Liliane, German language teacher from Austria.

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