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Here, you can find the events that we are organising and attending. If you are interested in photographs from the events, please proceed to GALLERY.
ELT connect
December 7th 2019


 We presented current stages of our project at the sixth ELT Connect symposium, which aimed at connecting ELT practitioners across Austria. Our poster received substantial attention and interest from the attendees. 

Expert panel event
October 25th 2019


Expert panel was a one-day event organised by our FWF team and it served dual function. In the first half of the day, PhD and MA students from the University of Graz were given an opportunity to attend four talks given by the experts: 

Talk 1: Dr. Tammy Gregersen, American University of Sharjah, Sharjah/UAE

The psychology of signature strengths in language teaching: Benefits for mentors and mentees

Talk 2: Dr. Paula Kalaja, University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä/Finland
Visualizing multilingualism as lived

Talk 3: Dr. Kata Csizér, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest/Hungary

Step of validating a questionnaire

Talk 4: Dr. Jim King, University of Leicester, Leicester/UK

Understanding and dealing with foreign language anxiety in the classroom

The second part of the day was a closed discussion in which expert members and the FWF team discussed the current state of the project in terms of data collection and analysis, research tools design, ideas, suggestions, future steps, and collaborations.

"Education in the Light of Positive Psychology" Conference
April 5th-6th


The "Education in the Light of Positive Psychology" Conference was held on April 5th and 6th in Lodz in Poland. Our team members Sonja Babic and Astrid Mairitsch presented preliminary findings based on our pilot study in the talk entitled "The Wellbeing of Pre-Service EFL and MFL Teachers in Austria and the UK: The Ecological Perspective". 

For more information about the conference, visit the following website: http://www.nikej.ahe.lodz.pl/the-conference-on-5-6-april-2019 

The FNF (Forschungsnetzwerk Fachdidaktik) Day
October 12th, 2018


This event is an initiative of the University of Graz to develop the profile of research in the field of didactics.

At this event, we presented our poster as a way of introducing the FWF project, which is still in its early phases. Attendees showed a high degree of interest in the study, and gave valuable suggestions and positive feedback.

For more information about the FNF, please see: https://forschungsnetzwerk-fachdidaktik.uni-graz.at/de/ 

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